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Doctors are often grossly mislead and  denied of a scientific outcome to their studies. 

The information a doctor reads in their Job and the informatuon a medical student reads, are studies done by drug companies. The drug companies publish the results that will sell drugs. Its as simple as that. It would be a loose statistic to say that 99% of the studies they read are done by drug companies. And doctors believe what they Read. 

Doctors are hoodwinked by the medical industry from the start, but rarely will they admit that. Its a lot like buying a Car thats a Lemon, they have to defend themsleves until they can be honest. 

Sometimes, people cant "unteach" a lie or "unlearn" a lie that they get taught. They get wound up from head to toe with lies from big pharmaceutical companies and the glamorous marketing lies. 

This makes it hard for them to have normal healthy relationships with their patient, which is particularly bad because they still heavily practice therapies like involuntary Primal Scream Therapy, which many experts say is not scientifically proven to have any beneficial effects, let alone the fact that they can do involuntary Primal Scream Therapy to people ,without having  basically any viable evidence or proper established reason to do so,. They perform this line of therapy in people with who are very emotionally healthy people, who are just trying to get on with their own every day lives. 

In some cases the involuntary primal scream therapy is done on patients with one or more major iatrogenic illness ,when the patient have other iatrogenic problems, like sexual dysfunction caused by the medication, which makes them completely asexual. As well as the medication causing drastically accelerated ageing and profound insomnia, as well as a lot of other side effects. Then the doctor will apply an overlay or overlap  all these issues with this line of "therapy" by breaking down the persons personality, to make them a more idiosyncratic person. Often they use a chair which has wings which is designed to block out the patients peripheral vision, so they can be more easily controlled and shut down. 

--According to many insiders reports, the DSM-5 (diagnostic statistical manual) has hardly any scientific evidence or factual evidence. 

It is created mainly by all the big pharmaceutical companies. 

And diagnostic inflation has shot through the roof.

 There is a code at the top of each page to link it to the insurance companies, so doctors can get insurance for any page of diagnosis that they choose. All easily spread out to pick and choose amongst the different diagnostic legislative labels. 

A person can pay to get in to a medical degree, if they don't do well in their studies or exams they can gain a place in a medical degree by paying money, and if they have contacts in the industry itself. These people may struggle to keep up during the early years of course work, but do well once they are out on the job, on the wards or in clinical placement.

 Money Speaks. The people in power have money and their voices will triumph once they get to the top of the ladder, their voices will be heard even louder. 

Some doctors have a family to feed, and they dont get paid as much as they desire , simply by Talking to the Patient. They must be prescribing a drug or doing a line of therapy to get paid more money 💰. 

So you may ask, what can be done? Are you sick of people saying it's a one size fits all industry and it's not really the individual workers in the system who are at fault?

What can be done?

  It's up to each and every one of the clinical workers and individuals who work in the system , to be a Change Maker and change their Code of Conduct, so that they are not causing damage to each of the individuals who makes contact with the medical system.    

Take a good look around. Choose health. 

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