*Disclaimer: The Author is not qualified in medicine. Information is mainly anecdotal and based on life experience. Author takes no responsibility. 

Doctors are often grossly mislead and  denied of a scientific outcome to their studies. 

The information a doctor reads in their Job and the informatuon a medical student reads, are studies done by drug companies. The drug companies publish the results that will sell drugs. Its as simple as that. It would be a loose statistic to say that 99% of the studies they read are done by drug companies. And doctors believe what they Read. 

Doctors are hoodwinked by the medical industry from the start, but rarely will they admit that. Its a lot like buying a Car thats a Lemon, they have to defend themsleves until they can be honest. 

Sometimes, people cant "unteach" a lie or "unlearn" a lie that they get taught. 

But Money Speaks. The people in power have money and their voices will triumph once they get to the top of the ladder, their voices will be heard even louder. 

Some doctors have a family to feed, and they dont get paid anymore simply by Talking to the Patient. They must be prescribing a drug or doing a line of therapy to get paid. 

Take a good look around. Choose health. 

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