An Individual's Story

Q. What was it like a few years after being put on antipsychotics?

A. A few years after commencing the medication, I was suffering from repeated hospitalisations, drastically accelerated ageing, amenorrhoea, cognitive decline and memory loss, sexual dysfunction (completely 100% dry and blocked sexual arousal), as well as hair loss, profound insomnia, and profound vertigo, addictive and perpetual behaviours, involuntary movements, and not to mention social isolation

Q. We're you told what the medication would be like, before it was prescribed to you ?

A.  No. I was told by my doctor, it was just a " low level anti-anxiety medication". I was told it would just put me on more of " an even keel" ...I was told I could just "try it" and I was told it was also used for kids with behavioural disorders and I was also told by my doctor she would print me out a fact booklet on the medication. None of that was true. I also asked what would happen if I stopped taking the medication. The doctors reply "Nothing"

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