Antipsychotic medication causes Schizophrenia in healthy people.
The medication, when given to a healthy person, causes the full blown disease of Schizophrenia

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. I have no qualifications in medicine. My writings are mainly anecdotal experience of the Earth and my surrounding

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This is a compassionate and kind website.   Spreading truth and awareness  to the community about the dangers of pharmaceuticals and corruption in the system.

Pharmaceuticals and treatment of an alleged illness can cause the illnesses they are meant to be treating , aswell as many profound side effects. In some cases the person may be the cream of the crop healthiness, and there is nothing wrong. Then they may be put on the Pharma and become drastically unwell.

An innocent person who is completely healthy, can come into contact with the system and be medicalized.

What most people don't know is that the medication used to treat schizophrenia actually causes Schizophrenia. The medication is so so so so addictive, and even when there is an underlying condition, the withdrawl of the medication is 1000 times worse.

When a healthy person takes antipsychotics, they will get extremely unwell and be addicted for life. The system will not give them a chance to get clean from their medication and they will be committed to the system for life.  And the withdrawl is treated as an underlying illness and the person goes on suffering for the rest of their lives. 

We still live in a society where innocent healthy people can be committed to a psychiatric faccility when they are completely healthy, and be given a serious life long issue.

Antipsychotic withdrawl in healthy people is profound, and the system treats it as an underlying condition. 

" Its Over A Million Times worse than what People think it is. "  

There are many nasty lines of therapy and procedures that are part and parcel of the system, while the system strives for control and power and to keep the naiivety alive in the public eye.

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Out of the people walking around on the street  showing psychotic symptoms, less than 5% of the symptims are caused by an underlying health condition, over 95% is caused by the anti-psychotic medications. These people do a lot of damage to society by their behaviour , however as stated, the damage is caused at least 95%  by the medications, NOT by the person themselves in terms of an underlying condition. Anti psychotics pills and injections, might as well be labelled with a disclaimer: medication to make you crazy.

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The Myth of Modern Medicine

The Myth of Modern Medicine

The Big Myth Explained. How the System is A Fraud

The Insights Page

The Insights Page

What you didn't know may surprise you. A true insider writes with amazing honesty

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Quotations Page 1

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Quotations Page 2

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Quotations Page 3

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How Antipsychotic medication really works

How Antipsychotic medication really works

Chemical imbalance "fixer" or chemical imbalance creator? Find out and Put your mind to rest



How the industry leads itself Astray and other considerations about "mental health"

An Individual's Story

An Individual's Story

A story spelled out in simple terms of what it's like to be put on Antipsychotics. This section is still under construction

Cultural Perspective

Cultural Perspective

Demographic and Geographic points of view, exercising global thinking

The Bereavement Page

The Bereavement Page

A Safe place to come and Pray

This is a benevolent site, set up for Anyone looking to expand their knowledge in order to avoid unnesessary medical treatment down the track. You may be just a drifter or a serious entrapeuneur, whatever your walk of life, this site is open to anyone looking after their heart and those hearts of others. 
It can take years, mostly a life time, but do not despair. The system tends to increase people's naiivety about the sytem at the beginning. Then its that person's job to find out what the reality is. A person is usually locked in to the system with no choice. Hold on, because this website will be your guide and help  support you as you walk the path. 


THE Principals.. 💜

THE Principals.. 💜

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