Cultural Perspective

It is the people in the pockets of society that reject medical intervention and pockets of the globe that dont have medical systems, that are the most healthiest. 

People in places like the Amazon and Peru. Ever heard the term "The Glamazon", a very amazingly healthy big woman, derived from those people in the Amazon. They have pockets of people that dont use medical resources, and they tend to be the healthiest. With biggest tallest bodies and the whitest teeth. 

Also some of the American Indians are very medically abstinent, living barefoot on the Earth, like in the Disney Movie Pocahontas. The Disney character Pocahobtas is meant to be one of the tallest Disney Characters as she comes from a tribe that is untouched by western medicalisation. 

Even places like Morrocco south of Spain. Or places like Sierra Leonne or Sudan, people have big tall bodies, the ones not in poverty, because obviously poverty would affect a persons health. 

Have you noticed the big tall statures of the  people in some parts of Africa or some parts of South America? 

They got that way because of many years of medical abstinence! Yes, its true. 

Take a look around. The medical system has entered on to every contient in the planet, but we can still see the trends of medical abstinence produce pockets of much healthier people. 

Keep on Moving, and Take a good look around. Choose Health. 

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