How Antipsychotic medication really works

The medication works both ways. If a healthy person without any pre existing mental health condition, takes the antipsychotic medication, and their brain gets adjusted, and then they come off the medication (withdrawl) , they will get unwell. And then the withdrawl will be seen as "evidence" of an "underlying condition", and they will be put straight  back on the medication. 

When a sick and psychotic person takes antipsychotic medication, they go on antipsychotics, their brain gets adjusted, they may experience temporary relief in the very short term, then they come off it, they will get sick again, and to a much worse extent. So the same thing happens. So It works both ways . This is because the medication is soo sooo sooo addictive and powerful, the medication is 1000 times worse than any underlying condition, which is how it makes people who are completley healthy and dont have an underlying condition, into a sick patient. 

If a completely healthy person takes antipsychotics they will usually notice subtle delusions within six months of taking the medication. It must also be noted, that a person does not have to "come off" their medication, for the medication to cause withdrawl and the person to get very sick. If this happens the person basically can end up jumping around on different medications and different dosages, all of them causing different side effects and different levels of sickness and illness. 

While the medication could be seen has having a slightly beneficial effect, at first, to those that are the most severe cases, Some clinicians deny that the medication does have a Negative Withdrawl Effect when people stop taking it, especially when the person is healthy in the first place. When someome with perfect mental health takes the Antipsychotic medication, they will experience this Negative Withdrawl Effect, and a profound iatrogenic disability is born. They are extremely potent drugs. Some Clinicians that prescribe these, are in denial of the profound addictive compounds of these drugs. 

It is proven that the antipsychotic medication only works in the most of extreme cases of psychosis, and even then, it only works in the very short term, like 6 months. It has no benefits for the vast  huge amounts of people that get prescribed them. in fact it makes the person literally billions of times more unwell.

In the past, people were told that the medication "corrects a chemical imbalance in the brain". 

Thats actually not true, the medication causes the chemical imbalance. 

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