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Society is slipping more and more in to insanity, plagued by the dulusion of not really knowing what is going on in the Psychiatric industry. 

The medication that is supposedly "used to treat an illness" is not only causing the illness in healthy people, but  is responsible  for controlling the planet's reality at large, and it affects everyones reality. The antispychotic  chemicals  are almost entirely responsible for  causing the insanity and severe dysfunction we see  in the general community.

Lots of the trendy elitist people are blaming all the "crazies", the ones they think are decrepid and poor, however they dont realise their own upper class reality is being affected by the medications that the doctors are prescribing. How could a pill or injection cause insanity, people think. But it does. And the so called poor and crazy and decrepid people are not really particularly crazy as such, in terms of an underlying condition, its more that they are just on the medication which is causing them to be milllions of times more unwell and psychotic than they were before the pharmaceutical "treatment" of the "medications" . Its easy to for the trendy people to blame it all on the "mentally unwell", but its really the system at large which should be vilified. 

"Many people are unaware of the apocalyptic scale of these drugs. The volcano type of reaction  they cause. Because Big Pharma factories are manufacturing psychosis at an industrial level in synthetic style."

  We are seeing more and more strange things happening due to the effects of antipsychotics. Very few people understand and even fewer people speak out.

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