THE Principals.. 💜


2. Learn

3. Grow

4. Educate yourself, read books about corruption in the medical system, people who have launched insiders revolts against the system . Lap it up like a kitten!

5. Share your knowledge with those more vulnerable than you

6. Read between the Lines

7. Dont be afraid to be Wrong, because when you are not afraid to be wrong, you learn and grow. Always having to be "Right" makes someone a Rigid Thinker. 


Do Not harbour any FEAR! Do not give into FEAR tactics.

8. Learn About Spirituality. George Harrison has some great videos about spirituality, bliss and transcendental meditation. 

It is about Transcendence. Everything happens for the benefit of the bigger picture and the greater whole. It is not about the Duplicity of Life. Yes/No, Good/Bad, Wrong/Right. It is about going within to find your own power. Everything is within. 

And what we see in the government and the system, can be a reflection of ourselves, and what we see in ourselves. 

SO really its about getting to that deeper wavelength and not being at the mercy of whatever is going on at the surface. 

Source of Information, George Harrison Interview on Youtube, found at the link:

9. This is not a "Ghost" website set up by a corporation for the profit of any industry or company. This is a philanthropic personal and independent page

10.   According to Robert Yoho, Author of Butchered by Health Care, **"The FDA allows big Pharma to falsify the studies required to patent drugs. These corporations hire armies of ghostwriters to stuff websites and medical journal articles with marketing lies. Finding the truth is now nearly impossible."

**Source of information found at the website :