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DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. These thoughts are mainly anecdotal and learned experiences and thoughts from the Earth and my surroundings. I take No Responsibility. 

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"Doctors want people to be healthy, they just dont want people to be healthier than themsleves, Aint that the truth."

"If my doctors, nurses or case managers were put on the same medications as me, the same thing would have happened to them, they would have become severely schizophrenic" - iatrogenically disabled woman

"Once someone is put on those injections (antipsychotics) they are never the same again. After the first injection they are never the same person. They are tired, apathetic, lethargic, withdrawn. They are never the same person again. " 

"I would rather drink straight Onion Juice than go to a medical appointment. It would be healthier too. Healthier for my skin and hair". 

"Many people are unaware of the apocalyptic scale of these drugs. The volcano type of reaction  they cause. Because people are manufacturing psychosis at an industrial level in synthetic style." 

"Whenever I go to the doctor, my appointment gets closer, my blood pressure goes up, my blood viscosity increases, i start to sweat, my Red Blood Cells Clump together, and my pupils dilate... ' No wonder some people call it the sickness industry.  I go for a walk in the country and my body has a chance to breathe. If only the Trees could speak and tell the truth.  But its too late. The doctor has written me a script "

 "If Climate Change is a Health Issue, why arent Doctors Fixing it? Because they are probably the cause of the problem. Reducing the Morale so Low, that we keep our Heaters Burning and use Fossill Fuels  , Just to Cope."

So what if you think you "owe your life" to the medical system? That they have "saved you" or recussitated you.. People as a species would be better off overall if the medical system had never existed. Its not about any one individual or any one individuals ego. Its about the betterment of the planet. I would quite happily die for the betterment of the planet. If it took every human to die, for the planet to thrive once again, then why is that bad? The plants and animals are what the planet needs."

 "Some people think we cannot have mod cons like cameras and smart phones without coexisting with the modern medical sysyem, because they were" advancements" that happened at the same time in history. However would you rather be living in the Renaissance era where people were taller and healthier and mentally richer, and had a painting of yourself, instead of selfies. Or would you rather be short and unhealthy and taking that shit selfie to put on your facebook?"

" the medical system just wants to destroy appearances, should a person be given just a little bit more medication, or a little bit less, should a person be put on this line orlf treatment, or that line of treatment. Well that is the difference between someone being absolutely gorgeous and someone being average. And the medical system just wants to destroy physical appearance. "

The world is grossly over populated anyway. But again the excuse of "semantics" could be used. However i think theres one thing that underpins this. Humans are hunting in the medical system these days for a piece of meat on a stick. To do damage to that healthy prime attriactive person. But in the past in the tribal days they used to hunt for a piece of meat, basically always a buffalo or a pig or sheep or cow etc, so they could cook it on a camp fire and eat it as a matter of necessity and then sit around and tell stories."It was a different world

It comes down to different ways of "hunting". Through iatrogenic damage or that piece of meat for the campfire. The ways of hunting were different, yet the tribal days were way better, just as an aboriginal person who is used to living on the Earth "

" The drugs and system, have completely eclipsed the true person that I am. " - iatrogenically disabeld woman"

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