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DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional. These thoughts are mainly anecdotal and learned experiences and thoughts from the Earth and my surroundings. I take No Responsibility.

"Doctors think that because they have done a few years of study, that they have the right to play the role of GOD. Well, I will quite happily take my "credible" education any day instead of entering in to the meat factory".

"Some of the types of antipsychcotics cause fertility decline and early menopause, decades earlier than the person would normally go through that. The medication causes drastically accelerated ageing.

Why would you want to inject  a drug that is going to cause you to acquire earlier incidence of physical traits like grey hair and skeletal shrinkage and changing body shape many years earlier?"

"Being on the medication of antipsychotics is like carrying around a bowl of popcorn constantly every day and trying to be careful not to spill any of it. When the person on medication gets even mildly stressed, the medication can easily cause them to relapse. Its a lot like being in a constant animal cage and chemically restrained, people cannot put themselves "out there", they have to take the easy path all the time. They cannot "crash and burn".  "

"How they can put people on theses medications and say , here's a present. Now you will have these injections and your mental health will be better. Well that's just horrendous that this is going on. And The writing is on the wall."

"Everything has changed in the last 25 years, since the late 90s. In terms of a reality shift, changing ideals and trends. Never before has so much in human history, changed in such a short amount of time. And it directly coincided with the usage of antipsychotic drugs. 

"Experts say that the incidence of mental health disabillities has increased ten fold in the modern medication era" 

"Antipsychotics, benzodiazepines and SSRI's are all proven not to work. in fact, they do the opposite of what they are meant to do. "

"From an insiders point, there is no greater and more  direct correlation in human history, than they correlation between the mayhem of the last 25 years and the usage of antipsychotics."

 "In the past, 500 years ago, wealth lay in the land and country side. Wealth lay in the health of the soil and plants. The prosperity of the people came from farming the land and keeping the earth healthy. Now the biggest money is not in the Earth but in the pharmaceutical companies."

 "All kinds of disease and illness are normal, but to puncture someones skin, pierce someones body, and pump them with a foreign substance, thats whats abnormal."

"Previously in my younger years, my thoughts and theories were Sharper and Pointier, as sharp as a salami slicer. I was more intelligent before the pharma caused brain damage, resulting in a lower IQ..  Now... I have the IQ of a Fence Post.   "    - iatrogenically disabled woman

"Diseases like Schizophrenia and Cancer do not actually Exist.   They are a Construct, CREATED by the medical system."   Schizophrenia as we know it today, was created by the medical system. It was created by big pharma, (which will make sense to you if you have read some of the other articles on this site, including "How Antipsychotic Medication Really works"  https://www.iatrogenic-disability.com/articles/how-antipsychotic-medication-really-works) .

 -It is a real Cause and Effect Scenario where the medical system has a ripple down affect on all other industries and people in their daily life. . 

-Years ago, these illnesses were very Rare. What does a Pet Cat do if it has Cancer - it goes and dies underneath a Tree. There is no reason why humans can't do the same. The problem is Big Pharma wanting to make Money out of people.   

- "The Earth and the society we live in, has  more than enough ability to cope with all kinds of diseases and illnesses without the use of any medicalisation. "

" Normal is in Crisis.    Normal is Under Siege.    They are diagnosing normal out of society, putting someone under brackets and under a Legislative Label, denying the Real Person.  Constrained by the parameters of out of control diagnostic labeling and narrowing of horizons. This is why you may find it so hard to approach that amazing down to earth woman you saw  on the tram or Metro Train. ."  

 "The FDA allows big Pharma to falsify studies used to patent drugs and medical journals are polluted with garbage and lies. its a dirty big corrupt industry where the individual feels so small. "

"Its an heirachical industry where the individual person is at the mercy of a few individuals who have rooms full of drugs and equipment and devices that can be used to damage the individual. A LOADED DUCT is one way of describing it.  There are no patient rights but even when there is speak of patient rights,  the individual and families feels like an accessory in the decision making process rather than an active participant."

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